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Brand Awareness

Whether you are a new brand launching to the market or an established brand, having high brand awareness among your target consumer is key.

We have experience of delivering on-going PR campaigns that ensure clients receive regular, high profile press coverage that ensures their brand is always front of consumers mind.

Our creativity and knowledge of our clients allows us to generate creative ideas which lead to delivery of regular coverage helping to maintain the visibility of our clients in the Press.

Consumer Product launches

We understand that when any brand launches a new product or collection it’s a highly pressured time where results need to be seen immediately.

We have worked with a large number of brands from the fashion, beauty, food and consumer sectors on product launches and have delivered versatile and innovative campaigns to ensure that these launches are successful.

As a department, we pride ourselves on having close working relationships with all our clients, ensuring that we understand the business objectives and deliver a PR campaign in line with these.

Fashion PR

With experience of working with a variety of fashion brands, our knowledge of the fashion and retail sector is second to none.

We have built a contact book filled with key fashion journalists and understand what is needed to launch a fashion brand and also how to maintain consumer and media interest for established brands.

Whether you are an online e-tailer or a bricks and mortar retailer, we know how to work with fashion businesses and generate campaigns that directly talk to your target consumer.

Lifestyle PR

Our expertise stretches across the lifestyle sector, with the team having wide reaching experience of working with brands that focus on enhancing and becoming part of their consumers lifestyles.

With experience working within the food, diet, fitness, beauty or services sectors we have a strong understanding of how to deliver focused PR campaigns.

Our versatility as a department means that we can create PR campaigns that target a tailored set of lifestyle media that truly fits with a client’s brand identity.
Ann Summers

Ann Summers



Paul Weller

Paul Weller for Pretty Green

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The Pure Package

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