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We have expertise in

Corporate crisis management

We are experts at advising and executing media strategies for companies faced with crises.

Burying your head in the sand never works. A fast, proactive response to the media regains the upper ground.

Our unique contacts book ensures that the most influential journalist, trickiest editor, reporter with an axe to grind, television producer with an agenda, website owner, and influential blogger can be contacted day or night. They will always take our call and take note. They know we know the business better than they do.

Reputation management for individuals

The media can strike at any time, with very little warning. For high profile, high net worth individuals damaging media coverage can destroy business credentials, wipe out lucrative television offers or annihilate sponsorship deals. Media intrusion can also have devastating effects on family and friends.

Seeking the guidance of PHA Media as soon as crisis is detected will massively affect the outcome. Never more so than now, with online content staying around for as long as you are. With a fast, aggressive strategy it is often possible to quash a story before it hits the headlines or dilute its effect significantly.

PR for legal cases

PHA Media has a formidable reputation as the pre-eminent PR company for crisis management around legal cases.

We provide a holistic solution, forging strong links with leading law firms and complementing their activity.

We have experience working as part of an integrated team advising clients before, during and after a legal case or dispute, providing 24/7 support, attending court and out of hours meetings whenever needed.
Our access to senior Editors means we have the power to influence the tone and content of reporting, ensuring that our clients are treated fairly.

Phil Hall is a renowned industry specialist and well known to many leading law firms, with whom he has worked on; injunctions, privacy matters, high profile divorces and industrial proceedings.

Rebuilding a reputation following a crisis

We take the earliest opportunity to get on the front foot following a crisis and ensure that your company brand or personal profile emerges stronger.

The media attention surrounding a crisis presents an opportunity in the aftermath; awareness is raised and we use our trusted journalistic contacts to deliver a positive vision for the future through the media.

PHA Media has expert account teams who come in when a crisis is over, to work closely with you and move the narrative on by creating a long term, positive PR strategy.

Ministry of Sound

Qatar World Cup 2022

Qatar World Cup 2022

Milan Mandaric

Milan Mandaric

Statues Of Justice

Criminal Bar Association

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    Milan Mandaric
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    Ministry of Sound
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PHA has a unique understanding of the media industry and its operations. Phil Hall and his team have worked closely with us on a number of occasions to devise a complementary PR and legal strategy to stop or prevent the spread of damaging allegations, or private and confidential information, in the press and on the web. They are true experts. They tell clients what they need to hear rather than what they want to hear.

Chris Hutchings, Partner, Hamlins, LLP

Lawyers don’t advise clients in a vacuum. They have to consider the media interests that may impact on their clients at all times. PHA Media are the ideal agency for lawyers looking to partner with a public relations agency to add value to the service they offer their clients. PHA Media understand the needs of lawyers and their clients better than anyone and have experience of dealing with communication issues at every stage of the legal process.

Magnus Boyd, Partner, PSB Law

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