The Team

Here at PHA Media we are proud to say that our Soho office located in Central London, accommodates some of the most gifted PR professionals in the country.

We have such a diverse and multi-talented workforce that it is near enough impossible to pin point just what it is that makes us so special.

Passion and creativity drives so much of what we do and with a team made up of…theatre luvvies, creative writers, cake bakers, festival fanatics, musicians, tennis pros (well near enough), technology buffs, fun runners, mathematicians, film makers, go-getters, fashionistas, methodological “to do” list-ers and artsy designers…it should come as no surprise that not only do we cater brilliantly to all our client needs, but we have a lot of fun delivering on them too.


Mollie Streek Mollie Streek
Office Assistant
Vicky Coghlan Vicky Coghlan
Senior Account Executive
Ciaran McCale Ciaran McCale
Account Director
Hayley Coleby Hayley Coleby
Creative Strategy Manager


Claire Robbin Claire Robbin
Business Dev Executive
Amy Steadman Amy Steadman
Junior Account Manager
Phil Taylor Phil Taylor
Head of Media Management
David Brookes David Brookes
Head of Creative Production
Nick Braund Nick Braund
Account Manager
Hollie Welch Hollie Welch
Account Manager
Phil Hall Phil Hall
Jessica Herman Jessica Herman
Junior Account Manager
Ben Cossor Ben Cossor
Account Executive
Ian Smalley Ian Smalley
Creative Strategy Director
Lucy Gilmore Lucy Gilmore
HR Manager
Marina Hall Marina Hall
Finance and Legal Director
Samantha Harris Samantha Harris
Account Executive
James Hamilton-Martin James Hamilton-Martin
Web Designer
Jo Foster Jo Foster
Head of Political Strategy
Amy Humphreys Amy Humphreys
Senior Account Executive
Mark Gregory Mark Gregory
Managing Director
Joe Toal Joe Toal
Creative Strategist
Dan Apostolos Dan Apostolos
Senior Account Executive
Emma Heley Emma Heley
Talent Manager
Dani Boskovic Dani Boskovic
Account Manager
Billie Gianfrancesco Billie Gianfrancesco
Account Executive
Stuart Skinner Stuart Skinner
Associate Director
Freya Leete Freya Leete
Account Executive
Helen Ballinger Helen Ballinger
Account Manager
Tanya Mehmet Tanya Mehmet
Account Manager
Lauren Clements Lauren Clements
Account Executive
Katie Matthews Katie Matthews
Senior Account Director
Gemma Biagioni Gemma Biagioni
Andy Michael Andy Michael
Senior Account Executive
Neil McLeod Neil McLeod
Senior Consultant
Laura Ann Thomas Laura Ann Thomas
Senior Account Executive
Alex Garvey Alex Garvey
Account Manager
Thomas Inskip Thomas Inskip
Account Manager
Jade Wright Jade Wright
Senior Creative Strategist
Joe Stratton Joe Stratton
Creative Producer
Cameron Hall Cameron Hall
Account Manager
Sarah Taylor Sarah Taylor
Account Manager
Juliet Grant Juliet Grant
Account Executive
Charlie Howard Charlie Howard
Business Dev Manager
Lauren Felber Lauren Felber
Account Executive
Katie Finn Katie Finn
Account Executive
Shelley Frosdick Shelley Frosdick
Associate Director